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Adele Goodwyn McNeel School is part of the Alabama Department of Youth Services School District. It is located on the Vacca Campus of the Alabama Department of Youth Services in Birmingham, Alabama. Students in the McNeel School complete assigned coursework aligned with the Alabama State Courses of Study in the various curriculum areas and receive Carnegie unit credits towards their high school diplomas.

The school day is divided into seven class periods. Students are generally assigned to take the four core academic subject areas of English, mathematics, social studies, and science as well as physical education and two electives. Electives can either be art, vocational technical preparation, Street Law, Concepts of Wellness, or Family and Consumer Science. Academic instruction is individualized to meet the specific needs of each student. An individual program is developed for each student based on the previous schools records, inform diagnostic techniques, and TABE results. The curriculum is both remedial and developmental depending on the needs of the individual student. Programs are developed to include one of the following: (a) continued development of skills necessary to return to school on grade level (b) mastery of basic skills or (c) preparation for the General Education Development (GED) test.

The McNeel School is currently staffed with 13 state certified instructors, a principal, a counselor, a media specialist, and a psychometrist. The school also has a fully staffed media center with materials and resources available for student to research and check-out.

Each student is evaluated daily on an individual basis by educational personnel. Students are evaluated through a variety of methods including teacher observation, classroom assignments, discussions, and skill tests. Appropriate student behavior is required, which includes staying on task, completing assignments, following classroom rules, and demonstrating appropriate social behavior. Grades are calculated by averaging grades in all areas of the evaluation and reporting this composite grade on the report card.